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Dont you have hunger pangs during the day? For example, dont you feel hungry in the evening and start snacking? Sure, you do. Your dog feels the same. It is just that he cant communicate that to you and he cant fend for himself either. So, what do you do? You provide him with snacks! Just like you love biscuits, dogs love them too. In fact, they love them more than you do. Whats more, these biscuits will also serve as excellent baits while training your dog. Every time he listens to you and behaves well, you can treat him with a biscuit. When he misbehaves, you dont give him a treat or praise. Soon he will understand the difference between right and wrong.

In the market today, you can find a wide variety of dog biscuits to choose from. Depending on what you think your dog might love and depending on your personal choices, you can pick out the best ones. There are many brands that sell healthy and delicious dog biscuits. Sticking to these will ensure that you provide your dog with healthy treats only. This is important because there are many cheaper brands that dont sell good products. These can affect your dogs health negatively. Thus, you have to be very careful.

Listed here are some of the reliable brands:


Petcare offers healthy biscuits made out of chicken. They are nutritious and easily digestible. They also ensure oral health by working as tooth cleaners. Another great feature is that they promote fresh breath. The most popular product is Nutribix Real Chicken Dog Biscuits Chicken Petcare.


Glenand sells chicken biscuits as well as liver & meat biscuits. You can select based on what you think your dog will like the best. Otherwise, you can choose both types and provide variety to your dog! It all depends on what you prefer. Popular products include Liver & Meat Dog Biscuits Square Shape, Liver & Meat Dog Biscuits Bone Shape, and Real Chicken Dog Biscuits Bone Shape.

Chomp, the famous brand, sells a very famous dog biscuit treat known as Mix Bone Dog Treat Chomp. This can be used to train your dog positively. The biscuits are healthy, easily digestible, and promote oral health.


Drools is among the few companies that cater to the needs of vegetarian dog owners, too. Along with selling chicken and egg biscuits, the company sells vegetarian biscuits that are packed with nutrients. The popular products include Drools Chicken and Egg Biscuits and Drools 100% Vegetarian Biscuits.

Pet Treats Ltd.: Pet Treats Ltd. sells amazing dog cookies. These cookies are mainly made out of liver and are extremely delicious. They also contain calcium to ensure good bone and teeth health.


The biscuits from Choostix are very popular because they are delicious and healthy. You can find both vegetarian and non-vegetarian varieties. The popular products are Choostix Real Chicken Biskies and Choostix Real Vegetable Biskies.


This amazing brand sells amazing biscuits for dogs. They come in various flavors such as carrot, blueberry, and orange. They are delicious and very healthy. You can pick out all of them and keep providing variety to your dog so that he doesnt get bored with the same flavor.


This brand offers very healthy multigrain biscuits. Just like for humans, multigrain is important and healthy for dogs. Thus, investing in these biscuits is a great idea. The top products include Petdig Chicken & Multigrain Biscuits and Petdig Cheese & Multigrain Biscuits.

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