• KONG Dental Stick Small KONG Dental Stick Small

KONG Dental Stick Small

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Product Description


Dental Stick (S)

We all are well aware of the annoying chewing habits of our dogs. They love to chew, and hence sometimes chew onto our favourite shoes, tables etc. To avoid this, we must know that they have something that will keep them busy chewing on to something that is not just going to keep them busy but will also give them a good taste. The KONG Dental Stick has a fun design that is great for chew sessions and games of fetch alike. With patented denta-ridges,this dental dog toy goes to work while your dog plays, chewing away happily.The Kong Dental Stick is made from non toxic plastic designed to help remove plaque and food debris from a dog's mouth as he chews on it.


  • Non toxic plastic
  • helps to clean teeth and soothe gums
  • can be also used as a fetch stick



  • Medium Size(5-15 kg)  -  4.2 inches

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