Creature Companion

Creature Companion

Creature Companion is an all exclusive pet magazine that deals with various kinds of pets. There are specific stories that cater to the need of almost every pet owner. This is premier bimonthly magazine of the country. It provides and helps pet lovers with vital information on various subjects related to pet care. They deal in various genres of pet keeping.

The pet magazine not only provides information of the domestic market but covers news from international pet industries as well. There are write ups about interesting facts or fun trivia. Along with this there are articles based on the present statistics for the Indian pet product market.

This magazine is just a decade old and it has become almost synonymous with pet care issues. Along with this they are also the sole organizer of India’s largest pet event. In fact it is South Asia’ only pet trade fair and is called India International Pet Trade Fair and is better known as IIPTF.

Creature Companion came into existence primarily for two reasons; it helps to create awareness to ensure responsible pet parenting and discuss various sensitive pet issues. It covers everything that goes on in the pet world to bring to its reader vast reserves of information. There are various interesting sections in the magazine this includes news, reviews, trends, discussions on various thought provoking subjects and a section on the must have products that have entered the Indian pet market.

There is a section that caters to only pet toys and pet accessories, a section to provide training tip to pet owners and provide food recipes to users to whip up interesting and different meals for your pet. It also features heartwarming and rescue stories. Creature Companion also features breed profiles and reviews for pet related books and DVDs

Creature Companion also features interactive articles, where random readers can not only read but if they want can even contribute content to the same. The magazine is not only for the pet owners but wants to give a push to the pet industry as well. All the articles that are carried on the magazine are research based and also present views of professionals.

Creature Companion is a complete package for all pet lovers and the world pet of lovers. There are regular stories on the present trend in the Indian pet market and important facts about the prolific pet industry as a whole. The Creature Companion magazine is owned by L.B. Associates Private Limited.


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