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Summer are hard for your pets as well, in fact more than as humans we can sweat and release the excessive heat from our body but dog do not have sweat glands, which makes it all the more difficult for your dog. The cooling coats are the perfect accessory to keep your dogs cool during the high and humid months.Even your dog can get a heatstroke at times. If your dog is not allowed to release the heat quickly from the body it can also get dehydration, which when not treated in time it can be fatal for its health.
The summer cooling coats are perfect for all outdoor activities during the summer months. These coats are lightweight and breathable and does not cause any discomfort to your pet. most of the cooling coats work on the principle that the microporous materials used in making this coat is activated by water. This helps to put moisture into the dogs coat. This results in controlled evaporation that helps to cool your dog more than outdoor air and it does not make the coat wet.
There are various different kinds of cooling coat. In one of them you would have to cool water for a few minutes and then lightly ring it out and place it on your dog. The coat can be easily worn by your dog with the help of the adjustable Velcro tabs. This helps to keep your dog cool for long hours.
The cooling coats are a blessing in disguise especially for those dogs that can get breathlessness in summer months. This will help to cool them and relieve stress of your dog. if your dog is already stressed with the heat he or she can get relief within 10 minutes of using this coat.
The coats are easily washable and can be the perfect investment to give your pet relief from the scorching heat.
There are some coats that are made with a lightweight chamois material that will work on the basis of evaporative cooling. This provides your dog with a three layer cooling system. The coat is activated by water and helps to absorb and retain the water and provides instant relief to your pets. These kind of cooling coats does not require any chemicals, ice packs and gels.
Most of the coats stay cool for at least three to four hours and you would have to wet it again to ensure relief from heat. This is extremely effective for dogs who have a darker outer coat as they will retain more heat. Just remember one thing that when you take of the cooling coat it can become stiff. This is natural and it will retain its softness and shape once sprayed with water. you can use this in your machine tp wash but do not dry them.
You can choose from a wide variety available and your dog with thank you with some extra licks.
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