Collars & Leashes

Dogs love running around in open spaces. While it is fun to watch, this could be really dangerous because they could very easily go out of hand. They could get scared of something and run away from you, causing you to chase them down the street or they could get aggressive and chase someone down. Worse, they could attack someone! In order to avoid such circumstances, it is important to buy a good collar and a leash for your dog. Especially during the initial stages of training, you should always make him wear a collar and a leash so that he is under control.

There are many different collars and leashes for you to choose from and they can be divided on the basis of brands and categories.


Karlie: Karlie excels in almost all types of collars and leashes including dog harness and dog show leashes. All the collars and leashes from this brand are reliable and durable while being soft on your dog’s neck.

Scoobee: Scoobee has a wide range of dog collars for you to choose from such as rubber dog collar, Dog Collar Choke Chain, Dog Collar with Spikes, and so on. Among leashes you can find regular leashes as well as dog show leashes from Scoobee.

Trixie: Trixie is another brand that sells numerous different types of collars and leashes such as Trixie Dog Choke Chain Stainless Steel, Trixie Puppy Collar with Lead, Trixie Dog Classic Leash Fully Adjustable, Trixie Puppy Harness with Lead, Trixie Dog Show Lead Nylon, and so on.

Flexie: Flexie specializes in special dog collars and leashes known as retractable leashes that can be very helpful in controlling your dog.

Other good brands that sell good quality collars and leashes include Dogspot, Smart Way, All4Pets, The Company of Animals, Dogtra, Ferplast, Super Dog, and so on.


Dog Collars: It is important to ensure that you buy the right collar for your dog so that it is sturdy, fits properly, and does not irritate your dog. Good examples of dog collars include Sprenger Martingale Dog Collar, Trixie Dog Choke Chain Stainless Steel, Designer Dog Collar, Rubber Dog Collar, Trixie Puppy Collar with Leash, Ferplast Ergocomfort Tattoo Dog Collar Nylon Padded, Long Link Choker Stainless Steel, and so on.

Dog Leashes: Along with a good collar, you need a good leash to control your dog. It should be easy to grip and sturdy so that it controls your dog effectively. Good quality leashes include Dog Leash, Dog Leash and Collar Leather, Dog Leash with Spring Leather, Sprenger Chain Leashes, Pet Chain with Leather Leash, and so on.

Dog Harness: The name says it all for them. You need a good harness for you to control overexcited puppies and dogs. Good harnesses include Ferplast Ergocomfort Tattoo Dog Harness, Multistripe Leash Harness Set, Designer Dog Harness, Trixie Classic Harness, Dog Harness Art Sportive Plus, and so on.

Dog Show Leashes: Show leashes are those that control your dog and look great at the same time. You can buy one complimenting the color of your dog so that the ‘show’ is amazing! Some good dog show leashes include Nylon Tape Dog Show Leash, Nylon Dog Show Leash, Trixie Dog Show Lead Nylon, Silver Choker Small Link Dog Choke Chain, Multicolor Dog Show Leash, Nylon Show Dog Leash, and so on.

Retractable Leashes: Retractable leashes are for aggressive dogs that tend to get ticked off very easily. Such dogs can be difficult to control at times and that can be dangerous to the dog himself! Thus, you should consider buying a retractable leash to have better control on your dog so that he does not escape and hurt himself. Flexi Fun Time All Tape, Flexi Comfort Compact All Tape, Flexi Fashion Ladies, Flexi Retractable Leash Classic Compact, and Flexi Summer Time All Tape are some good examples of retractable leashes.