This is another premium pet food brand from the Harrison Pet Products. Unlike Genesis the other brand from the same company, Chicopee is a high premium pet food that is only available for your cat and dog and not for your other pets.

Chicopee is designed to cater to the well-being of the Whole Body health of your cats and dogs and is a complete food in itself. The Whole Body Health includes that each and every formulation meets the nutritional requirement of each and every stage of your pet’s life.

Chicopee understands that pets are a part of the family and need specific care on each of the life stages such as puppy, adulthood and senior years. Understanding this specific need and the difference in the nutritional requirement for each of these stages there is an individual food for every stage. Chicopee has designed specific food to cater to every nutritional requirement of your dog. All the food produced by Chicopee is made with high nutritional ingredients.

Whole Body Health also includes that the kibble size and shape will change as per the life stage. After all a puppy and senior dogs will have different chewing capabilities. The kibble size has been made as per the life stage of your pet. This helps to improve the nutrition of the food on an everyday basis and ensure that along with the nutrition the pet also enjoys his or her everyday meals.

Harrison pet products also produce other premium foods under the brands Genesis and Titan. The company aims to develop the highest quality pet products for all your pets. They understand the requirements of the pets as they are considered family members and develop food that provides them excellent quality food.

The Harrison pet products team is always working hard to create products that will enhance the life of all the family pets. Each and every bag that leaves the Harrison company premises ensures the best possible nutrition for your pets.

Most of the formulations are the creation of internationally renowned nutritionists. The manufacturing plant ensures that it meets the safety and quality guidelines that provide consistently quality products from their stable.

Harrison Food has exceptional relationships with all their distributors and in fact the company takes pride in working with each and every distribution partner closely and it believes that this is one of the major aspects that make them different from their competitors.


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