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Cat’s Best is a line of pet care products manufactured by J. Rettenmaier & Söhne (JRS) – a German giant of the global fibre industry. Headquartered in Rosenberg, the family-owned business started out as a grain and saw mill in the latter half of the 19th century. However, over the past 135 years since it was founded, the company has expanded by leaps and bounds, and also diversified in equal measure (which is why we are reading about it today). The 21st century sees JRS having spread its wings across three continents – with eight production plants within Germany itself, four in the United States, and one each in Mexico, Finland and India.

While research, development and refinement have always made up the three pillars of the company’s enduring success, JRS maintains that customer satisfaction (whether it be new associations or age-old ones) and environmental sustainability have always been two of its top priorities. That explains the extensive and highly successful cooperative business partnerships that JRS has had with a diverse range of industries, from pharmaceuticals to pet care. One of such success stories took place at the turn of the millennium, when a globally reputable testing foundation called ÖKOTEST evaluated a Cat’s Best product and placed it in the top group, with a “recommended” stamp. That product was thereafter sold as Cat’s Best ÖkoPlus.        

Speaking of Cat’s Best products, all of them are made entirely from renewable plant fibre raw material – with the use of untreated, natural organic fibres from domestic fir and spruce wood, and without the use of chemical and artificial additives. That sure seems a tall order! So what does the brand, which is managed by the pet care business unit of JRS, have in its product line-up?


1)    Cat’s Best ÖkoPlus: If the brand does have any such things as a flagship product, this is it. Cat’s Best ÖkoPlus is the only organic clumping litter on the market, because it is the only compostable and biodegradable litter available so far. Besides, it has a market-leading absorption capacity. While other regular cat litters absorb 200 per cent, Cat’s Best ÖkoPlus offers more than 700 percent absorption, which means that it is able to absorb more than five times its volume in water. Thanks to its physical attributes, the litter contents of the feline toilet can remain anywhere between four and six weeks, and that too without stinking up the area. Besides, they are lighter – for the same output, Cat’s Best ÖkoPlus weighs close to 70 per cent lighter than other cat litters – and therefore easier to move around.

2)    Cat’s Best Nature Gold: These mini power pellets, also of the clumping variety of cat litter, are especially for the long-haired felines. That is because they do not stick to furs or get carried out of the litter. They are soft to the paws, extremely absorbent and have a high odour-retention capacity. Needless to say, like all Cat’s Best products, this product has been developed keeping environmental concerns on top of mind.

3)    Cat’s Best Universal: This is the only one in the product line-up that is not exclusively for cats. It is like a one-stop bedding solution for those living with several small pets, from rabbits, hamsters, ferrets and guinea pigs, to macaws and cockatoos – the list can be endless. This highly absorbent product comes in various sizes – the larger packet it is, the cheaper it gets. Besides, it allows daily hassle-free cleaning.

Considering what they are made of and for, Cat’s Best products perfectly represent the company’s philosophy while making life easier for pet cats and providing their owners with a breath of fresh air.

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