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Cat Training Aids

Cat Training, just like dog training is very important for both the cat parents and the cat itself. One of the best ways to train your cat is by using cat training aids such as repellant gels and clickers. understands that cat training is a must to ensure that there are no incidents inside the house and both the cat parents and the cat have a healthy understanding of their environment. For the same reason, offers great products at great prices for you to have an effective training regime for your cat.

Get Off: GET OFF My Garden jelly like crystals are effective in all weather conditions, slowly releasing a strong, highly scented odour which confuses both cats and dogs sense of smell.  Over a period of weeks, they will be trained to move away from the treated areas of those where they can detect evidence of previus fouling odours. Fresh dug ground may need only one application, while previously fouled areas may need several applications (at 2-3 day intervals) to achieve the best results. 

Get Off Repellant Gel: Don’t want your garden or perfectly manicured gardens soiled? The Cat and Dog repellent gel can be put in the area where you do not want your pets to soil. The product has a unique scented odor that helps to confuse the sense of smell in all cats and dogs and ensure that they do not soil the desired area.


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