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Teasers and Wands can be the perfect interactive cat toy to lighten up a day for your feline friend.  The best part of the interactive cat toys is that they allow the pet parent to participate in a game with their pets. This not only helps in the mental stimulation of your pet but can be the perfect relaxant for you also as pets are the best form stress busters and what better way to unwind than playing with them.

It is very important to maintain the ideal weight of your cats and maintenance food is not always an option, they need physical exercise along with specialized food to help them maintain their ideal weight. The teasers and wands can be the perfect accessory to give your pet the required exercise.

The teaser and wand toys as the name suggests are teasing toys for your pets that are attached at the end of the wand. These are mostly plush toys that have been attached on a stick or a wand, the hanging toy entices the cat towards it and as their natural instinct, it tries to jump and catch the prey. You will be surprised at the height of the jumps to get to the toy.

There are various renowned brands to choose from


Karlie is one of the well-known brands for pet products and produces optimal quality products for all your cats. These help in both the mental and physical stimulation of your pet while giving you quality time with them. 

There are cat danglers, which have luminous ball attached at the end of the wand to attract your cat towards to it and make him or she jump with excitement every time you move the wand in front of him. The feather stick from Karlie also looks like an attractive moving toy; when the wand is moved you can either move the stick with your hand or can place it a height within the house.


This is another American giant when it comes to producing quality products for your cats. They produce durable quality and completely safe products for all your pets. They also have Teasers and Wands toy that allow you to participate in a game or two with your cat. This is the perfect toy to provide your pet with mental and physical stimulation.


Trixie also produces quality products for your cats. This includes a teasing toy that has a mouse attached at the end and after all which cat does not like to chase a mouse. This will give your cat countless hours of fun.

Pet Brands

The interactive toys from the house of Pet Brands come with squeaky noise to entice your cat to play with it repeatedly. These plush cartoonish toys are attached at the end of the stick and every time your cat presses it, it squeaks.

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