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Cat Stain Remover

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Cat Stain Remover

Cat stains are one of the most unsightly signs in a household. Not only are they unpleasant, the vague odour is appalling. In order to help you eliminate any stains that may have been left behind by your belovd cat, we at bring to you cat stain and odour removers. Two of the best brands to get rid of cat stains are available on at exciting prices.

Simple Solution: Clean up unsightly pet stains and foul-smelling odors with this formula. Safe for use on moist surfaces, the remover allows you to easily wipe out almost any pet stain and odor, discourages your pet from marking again and leaves your home smelling fresh. Use this Simple Solution Cat Stain & Odor Remover to quickly and easily eliminate foul odors and unsightly stains left by your feline friend. The remover is specially formulated to clean up almost any pet stain and odor, and is safe for use on carpets, upholstery, bedding, fabric, toys, clothing and more. The formula is also designed to discourage repeat markings, and the lovely scent leaves your home smelling fresh.

Get Off: A unique formula for indoor or outdoor use, Wash & GET OFF Spray cleaner Neutraliser first cleans the area fouled by your pet, then neutralises the odour of urine in order to deter repeat soiling, as well as washing away the stains that your pet leaves behind. Within 30 mins, wash & get off spray contains will remove the pet odour that soiling leaves behind and replace it with a pleasant citric scent. It can be repeated every 12 hours.