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Scratchers are an integral accessory for all cats. If you are a new pet parent to a feline you will soon realize that your cat scratches everything that comes in its way. Whether, it is the Persian rug or the walls of your living room.
If you think that this is just a behavioral issue that will be easily treated with time then you are in for a surprise. This never ends; cats have this inherent need to scratch. This helps them to maintain their nails as well. A cat is a predator through instinct and loves to catch its prey; it does so by swatting and scratching. Scolding will not help in such cases. You have to get him or her appropriate accessories if you want to save your precious upholstery or furniture.
You can choose from a variety of different types of scratchers. There are some that can be easily mounted on a wall corner within your house so that it is easy for your cat to find and will help you to save that corner. Along with this there are scratching boards that can be easily placed anywhere in the house to ensure easy passage for your cat.
The other scratchers most of the times are covered with sisal rope and a teasing toy along with it. This not only helps in scratching but also helps him or her to swat and play. If you want you can add catnip to these scratchers to attract your cat towards it.
We understand how scratchers are an important part of a household that has cats in it. Hence, we give you a variety of options for the same. Here are some of the renowned brands that will help to save your prized possessions.
Karlie: Karlie produces quality products for your feline friends. They produce different and innovative cat scratchers for your cat to ensure that it engages with the toy. There are different models to choose from you can choose the ones that can be attached to the wall or the one that comes with a teaser ball on it.
Glenand: Glenand is again a renowned brand when it comes to producing quality products for your cats, they have a variety of scratching boards and toys that have teaser toys attached to it. This makes playtime more fun for your cat. If you want you can add catnip to these toys.
TrixieTrixie also produces quality products for your cats. These include scratching boards that can be easily attached to the walls. There are others that are covered with sisal rope and can be kept anywhere. These standing toys are attached with a teaser toy that further adds to the fun.