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Every cat needs its share of toys; after all every pet needs its share of toys to ensure a healthy mental and physical growth. Scratching toys are an integral accessory for all your cats. If you are a new pet parent to a feline you will soon realize that your cat scratches everything that comes in its way. Whether, it is the Persian rug, the walls of your living room or that prized coffee table.

If you think that this is just a behavioral issue that will be easily treated with time then you are in for a surprise. This never ends; cats have this inherent need to scratch. This helps them to maintain their nails as well. A cat is a predator through instinct and loves to catch its prey; it does so by swatting and scratching. Scolding will not help to resolve the scratching issue. You have to get him or her appropriate cat accessories if you want to save your precious upholstery or furniture.

You can choose from a variety of different types of scratcher toys.  These can be taken with you for vacations or when you go to visit a friend as well.  Just take this scratcher toy with you to prevent yourself from embarrassment or an extra charge in a hotel.

There are various different types of scratcher toys available on There are some that are covered with sisal rope that helps your cat to maintain its nails and play on their natural instinct. Along with it, these toys come with catnip that attracts the cat towards the toy.

We understand that cat toys are an important part of a household that has cats in it. Hence, we give you a variety of options for the same. Here are some of the renowned brands that will help to save your prized possessions.


DogSpot in an in-house brand that produces quality products for both your cats as well dogs. DogSpot produces quality scratcher toys for cats. This is of durable quality and can be carried anywhere. This can give your cat countless hours of fun.


Kong produces premium quality products for your cats that help in the development and ensures that there is no harm done to your prized furniture and upholstery. These toys give your cat’s mental stimulation. If you want then you can add some catnip to it as well to attract your cat towards the toy.


This is another well-known US brand when it comes to producing quality pet products. They manufacture a variety of scratchers that are durable and can be carried anywhere as well. One of the scratcher toys can even turn to be a hammock for your feline friend.