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Every pet needs its toys to help in their mental stimulation. This is not only a requirement but a necessity for all pet owners. Cats are no different, your cats will need their share of toys to not only help in mental stimulation but they will also help to maintain the ideal weight of your cats. Lack of exercise will not only increase the weight of your cat but will also make your cat more prone to ailments.
Your pets can turn destructive if you do not get them the right toys. Cats do not go for regular walks like dogs and mostly stay indoors. Hence, it becomes all the more necessary to give them various different toys to stimulate their mind and body.
There can be times when boredom will envelope your cat, this has to be encountered with a number of toys as otherwise your cat will channelize its energy elsewhere and not always in the right way. Cats have this inherent need to scratch, swat and catch its prey. In case they don’t get it they can end up ruining your prized furniture or upholstery. 
The Cat plush toys as the name suggest are toys that are made of plush fabric just like the human plush toys. The only difference is that in the cat toy, you can fill it with catnip, which attracts the cat towards the toy. If you want the catnip can refilled in the toy as well. It can be given to the cat without the catnip also. You can choose one from a variety of brands available such as,
Karlie is one of the well-known brands for pet products and produces optimal quality products for all your pets and boost a wide range especially cats. They also produce quality plush toys for cats of all ages and species. The wide variety includes mouse toys that squeak whenever your cat tries to swat or pounce on it. This works on the basic instinct of the cat to catch and kill its prey.
KONG is another world leader when it comes to producing quality products for your cat. One of the most well-known products is their avid range of plush toys for cats. These are called the WUBBA toys and there is a wide range of toys that suit almost all species of cats. 
Another range of plush toys allow you to add catnip as per your requirement.  These can be refilled also; catnip attracts your cat towards the toy.
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