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Interactive Cat Toys

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Interactive toys are a must for all your cats.  Interactive toy help you to participate in various games and provides your cats the mental stimulation. Along with this toys help to maintain the ideal weight of the pet.

The interactive cat toys can keep your cat busy for countless hours. There are a variety of toys available in this section. There are swat toys that help your cat to swat and swing at it, giving it the same feel of hunting. Along with this there are squeaky toys and mouse toys that make an enticing squeaky noise whenever your cat presses it.

There are toys that allow your pet to indulge in a game of hide and seek along with toys that allow your cat to also rest for a while playing.  There are various brands that manufacture optimal quality of toys for all your pets. You can choose the one as per your requirement.


Karlie is one of the well-known brands for pet products and produces optimal quality products for all your pets. They also produce quality interactive toys for cats of all ages and breeds. The wide variety includes mouse toys that squeak whenever your cat tries to swat or pounce on it. Along with this there are tunnels that allow your pet to play a game of hide and seek in.


PetStages is known for developing interactive and developmental toys for your all cats irrespective of the age and breed. The wide range of interactive toy not only helps in it development but will also help to keep them busy.

PetSport, USA

This is another US brand that is known for its pet products. They produce premium quality toys for your pets. They have squeaker toys and other interactive toy that allows you to participate in games with your pets.

Pet Brands

The interactive toys from the house of Pet Brands come with added catnip to ensure that the cat is attracted towards the toy and entices you to play with it. They also have loose catnip that can be added in various toys to heighten the sense of play for your cat.


This is an international brand that produces exclusive and premium quality toys for your pets. Choose the most appropriate toy for your cat from the wide range, these include crinkly toys that make a sound when someone touches it or rattle toys for your pets.


Trixie has interactive toys for your cat that allows you also to participate in various games with your pets. There are teaser toys that come with a wand. Along with this there are toys that squeak every time your pet tries to swat or pounce on it, something that is a natural trait for cats.


This is an in-house brand and produces top quality cat toys. You can add catnip to these toys to further entice your cat to play with it.