Cat Grooming

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Once you get a pet home, it is integral to provide them appropriate care and more necessarily to keep them well groomed always. This not only makes them look good but ensures hygiene for all your pets. Every pet needs a bath regularly to ensure a clean coat and remove all the grime and dirt from it. Cats are no different; they will also need regular grooming.

Your cats will need regular grooming to ensure that they look their best and also to maintain their general health. After all no one wants someone to say that their pets are dirty. In the grooming section for cats, we give you a sneak peek into the wide variety of products that provide essential and advanced grooming to all your cats. You can choose a product from the wide variety available in this section as per your requirement.

Shedding Control

Shedding is a common problem in almost every pet and can be a constant nuisance at times when you have to wipe that hair from the furniture and linen on a regular basis. This is a cause of constant irritant for the pet as well. All dead  and loose hair stays on the cat’s body and can be a constant cause of irritation as you will see your pet scratching him or herself on a regular basis.  There are a range of PetHead products that help to reduce the shedding to an extent. Such as a de shedding shampoo or a rinse.

Shampoos & Conditioners

Shampoos & conditioners are a necessary part of the grooming regime to ensure cleanliness and maintain hygiene in your pet.  You need to clean your cat on a regular basis to maintain basic level of hygiene. This will help to clean the pet for any impurities and also maintain the appropriate pH balance of your pet’s coat, while leaving an intoxicating fragrance behind.

There are various brands to choose from like Aromatree, Tea Tree Oil range of both shampoo and conditioners. As well as Kuddly Kitty Kitten.

Eye Care

Eyes also need regular care to ensure that you pet does not suffer from any allergies. If hair goes into the eye of your cat it can be a cause of constant irritant. This can be easily catered with Petkin jumbo wipes for your cat.

Bath Accessories

Bath Accessories are integral in order to maintain a healthy grooming regime for your pet.  Your pet has different requirements when compared to humans. Just like they have especially formulated shampoos and conditioners for the cats. The bath towel is also different from the normal towels. All4Pet has a special range of towels that will help you to absorb water quickly and ensure a clean pet.

Grooming Tools

There are a lot of other things as well that are required to maintain the basic level of hygiene in your pet. This includes nail cutters that will help to trim the nails on the claw. So, that your cat does not accidentally hurt itself or the owners.

Dry Bath

This is much required at times when giving a bath to your cat is not a viable option. Just like dogs, the cats can be sprayed with the dry bath to eliminate all odour and will leave an intoxicating fragrance behind. You can also use wipes from All4Pets.

Dental Care

The teeth of your cat will also need regular care to ensure and prevent all tartar and plaque formation on it. You can choose from a wide variety of sprays or wipes from Petkin.