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Cat Foods And Treats

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Every human being and animal need food to survive. Though, there are times when they need that something extra to ensure a healthy life. You would be surprised that though a home cooked meal is perfect for you and your family members it does not suffice for your pets as it has voids when it comes to nutrition.

Whether you have dogs or cats, it is very important to understand that they have a different digestive system that will need specific food to ensure smooth functioning of the other organs.  This is especially true in the case of cats; the most important thing that you have to remember is that cats are essentially carnivore and have a high protein requirement.  So a daily meal of milk and chapatti may just not work for your cat.

You would have to give them a specialized food that will help to maintain the natural luster of their coat, while providing them with the necessary proteins to maintain its health and ensure the proper functioning of the cardiac system. There is a wide range of dry cat food, which is available on this platform in a variety of palatable sea food flavors such as Tuna, Ocean Fish, Salmon, Shrimp, Mackarel and chicken. There is some breed specific cat food also available along with a wide selection of food catering to specific health condition such as Hairball issue.

There is a wet range of cat food also available on the site, which includes a variety of food in the semi-solid food and comes in a consistency of gravy. These can be given as a complete meal to your pet  just to give him or her a palate change. It can be also given as a garnish over their everyday food for pesky pets who are fussy eaters.

Dry Cat Food

The dry cat food as the name suggests is in kibble form and ensures optimal health for your pet. It has been fortified with the essential proteins that ensure a healthy growth. Along with the necessary proteins it contains the required minerals and vitamins that will maintain the lustrous coat of your pet. The Omega 3 essential fatty acids will ensure that there is less hairfall, while the presence of Taurine is going to ensure that there is an effective of the cardiac system for the cat.

You can choose any of the dry cat food from these brands Royal Canin, Whiskas, Me-O, Cimiao, Drools and Hills.

Wet Cat Food

The name says it all this is a range of cat food that is either in tin or pouch form. These are made with real chicken and sea food. These come in a gravy form that makes it palatable for your cats. You can again choose from a variety of brands available such as Royal Canin, Whiskas, Drools, Me-O, Sheba, Miglior, Hills and Finikee.

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