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Cat Feeders

One of the biggest worry for any pet parent is whether their pet is having adequate amount of water or not. Adequate amount of water intake ensures a good and healthy metabolism for the pets which in turn means that the digestive system of the pet remains healthy and the bowel movements are regular.

As pet parents we take care to ensure that when we are in the house we reguarly fill the water bowl as and when it empties. But it is a problem when we have to go to work or to carry out our household chores. It is for this very reason that has designed the DogSpot Water Feeder. The DogSpot Water Feeder - Assorted is a convenient way of feeding your pet. It can be attached to any plastic bottle easily by just screwing once tightly. The DogSpot Water Feeder - Assorted is made with high quality durable plastic. The quality plastic also makes the feeder lightweight. It has been provided with two screws for easy installation. 

With the DogSpot Water Feeder - Assorted you don’t need to worry about spillage or any other problems that are commonly involved in feeding pets, more so while travelling. It has a metal ball-point tube that is chew proof so that even if the pet tries to bite it, the product will not be damaged. The DogSpot Water Feeder - Assorted can also be attached to cages or walls. Therefore, it is convenient to use and store. Its main advantage is that it is portable.

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