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Cat Dry Bathing

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Cat Dry Bathing

Many a times it becomes difficult to give a bath to cats, esecially if the weather is gloomy or it has been raining or simply because one is caught up with a million things that there is no time to give a bath. When a cat gets dirty, there is a foul smell that lingers. To get rid of the foul smell, dry bathing is recommended. We at bring to you a wide range of cat dry bathing products for you to choose from.

All4PetsLaunched in the year 2009, All4pets is an innovative division of Ek-tek-Pharma led by Mr. Mandeep Singh. He is the director of All4Pets presently. The brand lives up to its tagline of being All for Pets. The brand caters to all needs revolving around pets. All4Pets has everything that a pet owner could ask for his pet.

AromatreeAromatree is a well-known brand when it comes to various air freshening products. They have a wide range of products when it comes to producing air fresheners for various purposes. They manufacture products for the pet care industry and auto care market along with producing high quality products for your home as well. Aromatree is new to this genre but their innovative products developed with the science of aromatherapy have made them a success in this field in only three years since the company’s inception. The organization came into existence since 2010. They have a clientele from various genres, which includes hotels, guest houses, spas, pet clinics, veterinarians and pet grooming parlors. The products are available in various retail outlets across the county. 

BiogroomBio-Groom is a world-famous line of pet-care products manufactured by Bio-Derm Laboratories at a sprawling 50,000-square-foot facility situated along Redmond Road in Longview, Texas. So much for an introduction in a single breath! The roots of this global brand name go back to 1971 when chemist Claus Pohl – a German immigrant – prepared a shampoo at a dog groomer friend’s request for a solution that could condition the animals’ coats even as it got rid of teaks and fleas.

PetheadPet Head, a new line of grooming products, apparel, and accessories licensed from Pet Head and Kyara Mascolo, is now available for cool dogs! The edgy fashion forward line will perfect every doggie’s ‘do and style! Man’s best friend will be living the lifestyle of the leashed and famous in no time! Pet Head’s line of grooming products includes shampoos, crème rinses and sprays that suit every type of furry situation. Whether it’s a stinky mutt who needs “Dirty Talk” shampoo or a purebred you want to indulge with “So Spoiled” conditioning crème rinse, Pet Head will have them smellin’ and lookin’ fabulous!

PetkinPetkin is prolific brand when it comes to cat and dog products. It is a one stop shop to cater to all the needs of pet owners. What helps Petkin stand out is their utmost care for pets. The aim of the company is simple to ensure that best care is provided to these adorable and integral family members. Petkin started in 1988 at a time when if you wanted to take care of your pet; you had to use messy products that are harmful to the animals as well as the environment.  It is was innovative thinking of visionary David Goldberg, who decided that it was time that both our pets and their owners deserved something better. This idea gave rise to the formulation of pet products that were both safe and easy to use. Our unprecedented love for animals especially our pets have ensured that the products produced by Petkin retain their highest quality without compromising on the health of your pet.