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Unlike dogs, cats are not particularly enthusiastic about travelling and going on car rides. We at understand that when the need arises cats require secure and safe travel means. For the same reason we bring to youa wide range of crates and carriers that make travelling from one location to another more comfortable, less stress and more fashionable. Whether you require a soft sided carrier or a well ventilated plastic kennel, offer you a variety of options.

FerplastFerplast Carrier is one of the most used pet carriers for pets all around and has multiple functions. The crates have a fixed handle which enables you to easily carry it and is ideal for travelling with your pets on any means of transport- be it car, aircraft, ship, or train. Ferplast Carriers come complete with a solid door made of steel, coated with plastic. It is very sturdy, because of its fastening system with lateral spring clips. Along with all this, Ferplast Carriers also have lateral ventilation grilles that ensure sufficient ventilation inside the carrier.

IMACThe Gatto 2 from IMAC comes with a durable plastic tray which ensures comfort for your pet in his or her travel. The trasporto has been provided with an ergonomic handle which makes it very easy for you to carry your pet anywhere. Your cat can easily sit or sleep in the crate if required. It comes with a very secure latch that ensures that the crate does not open in case of a jerk in your travel and also helps to maintain the safety of the pet at all times. 

PetMate: Petmate is one of the most popular carriers for cats. Made with durable plastic that offers cross ventilation and ample space for cats to move around inside the crate.