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You comb your hair every day, right? Don’t you think you should comb your cat’s coat everyday too? Actually, your cat needs combing and brushing more than you do because he has a thicker coat and a lot of hair. His hair tends to shed a lot too. Also, if you leave his hair like that and don’t brush it, it will become the breeding ground of infective organisms such as fleas and ticks.

With so much at stake, you really can’t afford taking it lightly and not combing his hair. It is very important that you buy the right brush or comb and comb his hair each and every day thoroughly. If he has long hair that tends to grow very quickly, trimming is also important. However, combing is important for all cats of all breeds.

Along with keeping his coat healthy and shiny, brushing aids better circulation. It massages the skin and promotes better health. You should comb his hair with a comb or brush designed especially for your cat. There are many brands that sell different types of combs and brushes for different types of cats. 

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