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Cat Bowls

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Cat Bowls

t is important to select the appropriate bowl to feed your cat on regular basis. The posture of the cat while taking its meals is very important for its well being. We at bring to you a wide selection of cat bowls to choose from. Available to you by brands such as Savic, Pet Brand, or Cat dish, the bowls offer you a range to select from.

Savic: The Savic cat feeding Whisker cat feeding whisker bowl comes with a grooved base and shallow edge. This is of great use when feeding various sizes of cat. The base does not allow the feeding bowl to move much thus making it easier for your cat. The bowl works well for both dry pet and wet pet food. The product is especially designed for those who have difficulty eating in deeper bowls. The product is made of non toxic plastic and is safe to use in dish washers as well. The bowl is made from melamine and is enhanced with anti slip features. This product becomes a must have for all cat lovers.

Imac: The IMAC cat bowl has been specially designed for owners who have cats that love to spill the food o the floor and then eat. These bowls are designed by drawing inspiration from nature. This product line has all the earthy colors, smooth lines and shapes. The word Ciottoli in Italian literally translates into stone. The bowls are simple and plain looking but of extremely durable plastic quality, which look like stones. They are perfect for your cats.

Pet Brand: The Translucent Super bowls are perfect for all canine and feline friends. This Pet Brands bowls come in bright colors. These are specially designed for your all those pets who love to spill their food on the ground. These non tipping bowls are made of durable plastic and are available in a array of different and bright colors.