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Cat Bath Accessories

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Cat Bath Accessories

Bathing a cat is necessary to eliminate any extra oils and to keep the fur soft, clean and glowing. We at understand the need for proper grooming and present to you cat bath accessories that will make cat bathing a memorable experience not only for your but for your cat too.

CatSpot: CatSPot Groom Master for Cats is one of the best accessories for cat owners. This comfortable ergonomic designed massager fits well in the palm of the hand. The soft bristles of the CatSpot Groom Master for Cats make it easy to groom and massage the cats.

Kong Zoom Groom: The Kong Zoom Groom massages and grooms at the same time. The soft rubber fingers are a magnet for loose hairs. Regular grooming with the Kong Zoom Groom can help condition the skin and reduce hairball formation. The gentle massage action calms the stressed or anxious cats.

All4petsIt is very important to keep your pets clean. However it is not practically possible to bathe them everyday. These bath towels can be used to dry bathe them everyday in order to keep them hygienic.  It can be rubbed all over the pet's body to remove the dirt. It can also be used to clean the ear and paws and also to remove pet odours.