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Ball toys are a necessity for almost every pet whether a cat or a dog. This is one of the most favorite toys that your Cat needs to play with. Ball toys are the perfect interactive toys that can be given to your pets. They allow your cat to play by itself for countless hours and can even double up as an interactive toy for you as it allows you to participate in a game of catch with your cat or just roll it over and see your cat run after it.

There are a range of different ball toys available in this section. You can choose the one that you want from the wide variety of ball toys exclusively made for your cats. These include ball toys that are wrapped with sisal rope, which will urge your cat to scratch. Then there is a range of toys that have trimmings attached to it which entices your cat to play with it. All this balls toys can be rubbed with catnip that will attract your cats towards the toy and will help him or her to play with it for long hours.

You can choose one from the wide variety of Cat toys available.


Karlie is one of the well-known brands for pet products and produces optimal quality products for all your pets. They also produce quality cat ball toys for cats of all ages and breeds. The balls are covered with sisal rope and have teasers placed on it that entices your cat towards the toy. If you want you can add catnip to the toys as well.


PetSport is another brand that produces quality toys for all your pets. They produce optimal quality balls for your cats that come with added catnip for your cats and are suitable for kittens as well as cats. They are of durable quality and are completely safe for your pet.


JWPet offers cat toys that are vibrant to look out and have fluttering cloth and paper pieces in it to entice your cat to play with it. These are durable balls that keep your pet busy but can easily double up as an interactive toy as well.


PetStages is known for developing interactive and developmental toys for your pets. They produce cat ball toys for pet , which not only helps in it development but will also help to keep them busy.


This is an in-house brand and produces top quality cat toys that include balls with a jingling bell inside that helps your pet to play with it and the cat enjoys it while finding the source of the noise.