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You comb your hair every day, right? Dont you think you should comb your dogs coat everyday too? Actually, your dog needs combing and brushing more than you do because he has a thicker coat and a lot of hair. His hair tends to shed a lot too. Also, if you leave his hair like that and dont brush it, it will become the breeding ground of infective organisms such as fleas and ticks.

With so much at stake, you really cant afford taking it lightly and not combing his hair. It is very important that you buy the right brush or comb and comb his hair each and every day thoroughly. If he has long hair that tends to grow very quickly, trimming is also important. However, combing is important for all dogs of all breeds.

Along with keeping his coat healthy and shiny, brushing aids better circulation. It massages the skin and promotes better health. You should comb his hair with a comb or brush designed especially for your dog. There are many brands that sell different types of combs and brushes for different types of dogs.

There are the top brands that sell brushes and combs:

Karlie: Karlie sells very good products that can prove to be very effective for your dogs coat health. The top products are Slicker Brush with Protective Cap B Dog Grooming Karlie and Perfect Care Hair Dog Grooming Brush Karlie. The first product is especially for dogs with curly hair. It ensures proper grooming without causing any discomfort or irritation.

Hello-Pet: The various products by Hello-Pet include Non-slip Handled Dog Comb, Push Button Self Cleaning Dog Grooming Slicker Brush, Double Sided Dog Comb, and Flea Dog Comb. As you can see, each comb comes with special features. Choose according to your requirements.

Scoobee: The stainless steel Dog Comb from Scoobee is a very popular product because it is easy to use, versatile, and very efficient. You can use it for both curly haired dogs and straight haired dogs. It has a coarse side and a fine side. The coarse side is for curly hair and the fine side is for the straight hair.

All4Pets: There are different types of products from All4Pets for dogs that ensure great coat health. Pet Grooming Brush, Dog Comb Dual, Dog Brush Slicker Steel Pins, Dog Comb Moulting, Dog Brush Soft Wooden, Dog Brush Double Side Pin, Dog Flea Comb, and Dog Comb Anti Tangle Mounting are among the different products from All4Pets. Each has specific features. For example, the Dog Flea Comb is especially for dogs infested with fleas.

KONG: KONG sells the KONG Dog ZoomGroom, which is an excellent product that helps you groom your dog effectively. You can use it while giving him a bath to massage his body and take good care of his coat.

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