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“All work and no play make Jack a dull boy” and we could not agree more. Apart from physical exercise, our pets too need to indulge in activities that keep them mentally and physically stimulated. At DogSpot we understand the requirement of toys and activities that will keep your pets active and engaged while you go about on your daily chores.
Pet experts and bird enthusiasts at DogSpot have handpicked products that are fun to play with and will keep your pets busy during the day. Most of the products have been made with natural materials such as wood and cotton rope. The products have been so designed that they are safe to play with and do not cause any harm to the delicate beaks of the birds.
Some of the popular brands that you can choose from are:
BirdSpot – BirdSpot has a wide range of bird toys to offer. Each product has been designed keeping in mind the activity requirement and the interest of the birds. The products are made of wood, cotton rope and other natural materials to provide safe and attractive toys for the birds.
Knot a Rope – Another popular brands in the avian industry is Knot A Rope which develops it’s products using naturally available material such as wood blocks and rope. The toys are bright and attractive and are fun to play with. The soft edges of the products do not harm the birds or their beaks.
PetStages – Pet Stages is one of the best known brands when it comes to developing interactive toys for pets. Each product offered by Pet Stages has been designed by experts keeping in mind the energy levels of the pets. The toys are interactive in nature and offer long hours of mental stimulation and fun.
Living World – Living World offers toys that are simple yet classic to look at. The toys offered by Living World are generally made of non – corrosive metal to ensure longevity.
You can now select a wide variety of bird toys from