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A sign of a well kept pet is impeccable grooming. A well groomed pet will have clean ears, trimmed nails and hair, soft shiny silky fur and of course soft clean skin. Though impeccable grooming may require a lot of things such as combs, brushes, hair dryers, clippers, shampoos and conditioners, it also requires accessories which make it easy to groom. One such accessory is the right towel. Towels are integral in the grooming process as well as when you are out with your furry friends.

A good towel should be soft and absorpent so that it absorbs the water quickly and does not cause anyrashes on the skin. Most towels are soft cotton that are gentle on the skin and absorb well. The absorbent towel is scientifically developed and manudfactured using a special PVA material. The easy to use towel can be reused simply by squeezing the towel.