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Adopting a dog is a lot of fun. You will love his company and you will simply love playing around with him. However, adopting a dog brings responsibility too. If you want your dog to be healthy and happy, you have to take care of all his needs and requirements. Just like you bathe everyday and groom yourself to be neat and clean, you should groom your dog so that he is clean and does not invite diseases and infections. One of the most important and basic exercises of grooming is bathing your do. You have to bathe him at least once a week with proper bath accessories so that he is neat and clean and all the dust and dirt is washed off.
Bathing your dog can be a lot of fun for him and you. Some dogs hate water and every time you hint a bath, they will sprint away from you and hide in a corner under the table. You can ease their worry about baths by bathing them gently, being really nice, and praising them throughout the regime. You can also use good quality bath accessories to aid in bath.
Here are some of the popular brands that sell great accessories:

Karlie: Karlie is popular for the Micro Fiber Dog Grooming Towel. This towel boasts of being highly absorbent. Thus, your dog will dry very quickly. Also, it is very soft and will not irritate your dog’s skin. The towel is good enough for all breeds of dogs. You can wash the towel in the machine and use it for a long time.

Furminator: FURminator is another brand that sells a very good quality towel known as the FURminator Micro Fiber Towel. It ensures quick drying even if your dog has a thick coat. It is lightweight and very soft. It, in itself, dries quickly and does not smell after use. It stays fresh for a long time.

Simple Solution: Simple Solution sells the high quality Dogs Grooming Gloves Simple Solution. We all know that dogs shed. Use this glove to get rid of all the loose hair on your dog’s body. You can use the glove not just on your pet but also on your furniture and in your car to get rid of pet hair!

Dogspot: Dogspot is a very popular brand that sells the Rubber Dog Bath Glove. This glove will help you scrub your dog’s body effectively and get rid of all the dust, dirt, and undesirable components. Massaging your dog’s body with this glove while giving him a bath can effectively reduce shedding. It is gentle and highly effective. You can use it for any dog and the best part is that it can be worn on either hand.

All4Pets: All4Pets sells the popular Pet Towel, which comes with superior qualities. It is very soft and helps wipe your dog off easily. It is also super absorbent and ensures that your dries up quickly.

KONG: The popular brand KONG sells the KONG Dog ZoomGroom in two different colors. The product can be used to scrub your dog while bathing him. The loose hair stick very easily to it and come off with utmost ease. Since it helps you massage your dog’s body effectively, it ensures better circulation and a healthy coat.

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