• BARF Chicken  Feline Food Recipe - 4 kg BARF Chicken  Feline Food Recipe - 4 kg
  • BARF Chicken  Feline Food Recipe - 4 kg BARF Chicken  Feline Food Recipe - 4 kg
  • BARF Chicken  Feline Food Recipe - 4 kg BARF Chicken  Feline Food Recipe - 4 kg

BARF Chicken Feline Food Recipe - 4 kg

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Product Description

BARF Chicken Feline Food Recipe - 4 kg


Our frozen, Raw CHICKEN Recipe for cats is a Prey model diet consisting of 96% meat, bone and organ. The addition of a few super-foods and our super exclusive B.A.R.F SECRET blend of nutrients make it the purrrfect food for your cats. In addition, chicken hearts is a good source of natural Taurine an important organic acid with fundamental importance to those breeds that are prone to heart diseases, diabetes and seizures.

WE USE cage-free, antibiotic & hormone-free Chicken.
A Juiciest Chicken recipe made for cats by B.A.R.F India is a purrrfect meal making them cherish dinner time like never before. The recipe contains all the essential nutrients such as Proteins, Vitamins, Taurine, Trace Minerals and Omega 3&6 needed by our cats to thrive. Our Chicken recipe is made using only fresh, high-quality ingredients, which are responsibly sourced and which provide our cats with a healthy and nutritious meal which they will not be able to resist.
The benefits of feeding the Chicken recipe
  • Providing a great source of lean protein.
  • Protein for muscle growth and development.
  • Chicken liver is rich in vitamin A, fat and protein.
  • Rich source of Niacin known for its cancer-protective properties.
  • Extremely rich in Selenium, an important trace mineral.
  • Naturally good source of Taurine.

Take the path less traveled and explore new territory with no compromises and no short cuts. The B.A.R.F. diet helps you lead your dog on the path to whole-body health. Made with high quality, natural ingredients and naturally available Vitamins, Minerals, and Amino acids, our premium formulas bring together the best of nature and nutrition for a lifetime of benefits you can see. Feed your dog exceptionally, every step of the way.




  • Quantity - 4 kg
  • Meat, Organs & Bone (96%) Antibiotic and hormone-free whole Chicken with bone (bone is finely ground), Fresh Chicken liver, Fresh Chicken gizzard, Chicken Heart.
  • Seafood: (1%) Sardines, Clams, & Anchovies.
  • Nutrient Mix (3%) B.A.R.F. India’s secret blend of Nutrients, Seaweeds and a host of helpful herbs.