• Dog Harness Art Sportive Plus Black XLarge Karlie Dog Harness Art Sportive Plus Black XLarge Karlie

Dog Harness Art Sportive Plus Black XLarge Karlie

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Product Description

Dog Harness Art Sportive Plus Black XLarge Karlie

If you are looking for a comfortable way to walk your pet, try the Dog Harness Art Sportive. You can take your dog for a walk or run with this harness because it eliminates pressure from your dog’s neck to prevent possible trachea and neck injury. This way the harness enables your pet to push with the chest instead of pushing with the throat. This makes your dog’s life comfortable. It is made of soft nylon material, this harness for dogs can be worn comfortably for long hours. The harness fits well on the dog’s body. 
A great way to control large dogs, this harness controls your dog in case of pulling, lunging or jumping. It’s particularly useful for dogs that have not been trained. Another great feature of the leash is that it prevents dogs from slipping out. The harness easily attaches to the leash with the help of its extended loops. This is a sturdy and long-lasting harness that will serve you for years to come. The sift material used on the harness prevents cuts on your dog’ skin that tend to occur due to constant rubbing. 
  • Chrome-plated hooks 
  • Buckle belt for simple handling and usage 
  • Ultimate strength and resilience
  • Steel hoop to connect the leash


  • Size - Xlarge
  • Suitable for - Xl large dogs


Neck  Measurement
(Minimum - Maximum)

Connecting Belt  Measurement  (Minimum   - Maximum)

Rib measurement (Minimum - Maximum)

 Width Measurement(mm)


          10-16 Inches

              4-6 Inches

           12-15 Inches

           10 mm


          12-20 Inches

              4-8 Inches

           16-20 Inches

           15 mm


17.5 - 26 inches 6.5 - 9 inches 21 - 27 inches 20 mm


          20-32 Inches

             8-12 Inches

           28-40 Inches

           25 mm


          24-42 Inches

            8-12 Inches

           32-48 Inches

           25 mm                


           Material - Nylon