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Filters are necessary for every aquarium, whether fresh water or marine. It is integral to maintain the water quality in your tank at all times. Ever noticed that how your tank gets murky water if the filter is clogged or not functioning properly. A powerful and good quality Aquarium filter will ensure crystal clear waters at all times in your aquarium.
There are various different kinds of filters available today. Your Aquarium filter should not only clear the physical debris but the do a little more than that. Any good filter will give you a three stage filtration, which includes mechanical filtration, chemical and biological filtration.
The mechanical process will help you to remove all physical waste materials and debris from the aquarium. The chemical medium within your filter will conduct the required chemical reactions that will change the characteristics of your water and ensure optimal quality to maintain all fishes. The biological process will eliminate various organic toxins from water especially ammonia and nitrite that can be fatal for your fish. At DogSpot our aim is to give you a variety of choices to help you select the appropriate filter for your aquarium. This depends on your budget as well as your tank load. You can choose from a wide variety of filters from renowned brands all over the world. Choose the one you like Fluval: This brand comes under the umbrella of pet brand giants Hagen. They are a leading pet brand in the European market. They offer a complete repertoire of products for both your fresh water and marine aquariums. The exhaustive list includes heaters, filters, aquarium sets, gravels and marine salts for both your fresh water and marine fish. They offer complete solutions for all your fish requirements. They offer various immersible and submerged filters.
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