Andis is an American company that is a global leader in manufacturing grooming gear for people as well as animals. Established in 1922 by Mathew Andis Snr., it is now a fourth-generation family-owned business that not only produces what it became famous for – handheld trimmers, clippers, curlers , straighteners and dryers – but also coffee makers, hang-up dryers and steam irons. Based in Racine, Wisconsin, since the very beginning (although it has changed addresses a couple of times within the county, thanks to capacity expansion), Andis has earned a reputation among hair stylists, animal groomers and hospitality service providers across the world for its benchmark customer service and cutting-edge products as much as for its highly effective educational programs. In its 90-plus-year-old history the company saw highest growth during the 1971-2010 period, under the leadership of Matthew L. Andis, who saw his grandfather’s legacy through the recent economic downturn.

If it is employees and products that actually make a company, Andis has won many awards before and after the turn of the millennium. Speaking of some of the most recent ones, the Andis BGRC Clipper was declared the best clipper on the market, at Launchpad Magazine’s fifth annual Readers Choice Awards ceremony in 2011, while Andis Company grooming consultant Diane Betelak was announced Grooming Judge of the Year at the Cardinal Crystal Grooming Achievement Awards last year.

Innovation and customer satisfaction have always been the two main pillars of the company’s success, the foundations of which, the Andis family says, were communication and respect – not just between the employer and the employees but between the company and its customer base.

Catering for a wide range of clientele, Andis has six divisions: Barber, Stylist, Consumer, Small animal, Large animal, and Hotel. (For the moment, let’s just forget about the divisions dealing with humans, shall we?!) The Small animal division, of course, is the one that caters to the requirements of professional groomers, pet enthusiasts and vets who generally deal with dogs and cats.

There are all kinds of dog and cat breeds, each with their unique set of physical characteristics. And then there is no accounting for the taste of their respective owners, who could be average ordinary pet people, or enthusiasts looking to make a splash at the show circuits of their respective countries. Therefore, Andis has come out with a wide range of products over these years, offering something just about right for just about anyone. The product catalogue is broadly classified under five categories: clippers, trimmers, blades, hair dryers and other grooming accessories. However, each category has various sub-categories.

1. Clippers

  1. Pet Clipper 12 Piece Kit – Ideal for trimming around the face and ears, this package comprises eight attachment combs (or various measures), a blending comb, a blade oil bottle, a blade guard and blade-cleaning brush.

  2. Pet Clipper 14 Piece Kit – In addition to what the Pet Clipper 12 Piece Kit has, this package comes with a durable storage case and stainless steel shears.

  3. Pro-Animal Clipper Kit – Something of a one-stop shop for all kinds of grooming requirements, this is for pet owners who have their work cut out. The kit comes loaded with an AGC-size 10 blade, 20 extra blades, four snap-on comb attachments (of varying sizes), a bottle of clipper blade lubricating oil, a grooming instruction manual, and a heavy-duty, low-maintenance rotary motor with detachable blade.

  4. Professional 2-Speed Clipper – This powerful motor clipper features two settings: Normal (for cutting average-length coats) and High (for heavy coats). There is neither any greasing/oiling of its innards nor any air vents that discomfort the user or the animal when in use. The AG detachable blades help make changing and cleaning a much easier affair.

  5. Professional 2-Speed Vet Clipper – This high-end clipper features everything that Professional 2-Speed Clipper offers, plus an Ultra® Edge #40 blade, 4oz. animal safe oil & extra blade drive, removable drive cap for easy cleaning, and 4X4 blade drive with 25% more blade torque. It is also compatible with Ceramic Edge blades and Oster A5 blades (both sold separately).

  6. Professional AGC Clipper – In addition to what the Professional 2-Speed Vet Clipper offers, this top-of-the-line clipper has Model A-5 Oster blades as a standard feature. Besides, it will remain cool as a cucumber despite being run all day long.

2. Trimmers

  1. Quick Trim Cordless Trimmer - Take the dog to the garden and get the job done comfortably with this entry-level product

  2. VetTrim Cordless Rechargeable Clipper and Trimmer - Perfectionists and noise haters will appreciate this, which features a Size 40 stainless steel detachable surgical blade, a stainless steel detachable clipper blade, and four attachment combs (sizes 1/4”, 1/8”, 1/2”, 3/8”) for the clipper blade.

Similarly, there are five kinds of hair dryers, scores of blades and a long list of accessories – all for the taking.

The Large animal division on the other hand is for those (clippers, fitters, professional groomers and shearers, among others) dealing with horses and cattle. An almost equally massive and diverse catalogue of products is available in this segment, featuring clippers, trimmers, blades and other accessories.

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With decades of dedicated efforts made over generations, Andis has perfected the art of manufacturing pet grooming products. Yet, never one to rest on its laurels, the company seems committed to improving its products by the year.  


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