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Urine Off
Have you ever walked into a room and wrinkled your nose to a strong pungent smell? The odour of urine anywhere is appalling and can leave a bad taste. Even worst are the stains that are left way after the urine has dried off. The stains and the odor in the house are unpleasant even to the residents in the house.
Urine Off has revolutionary products that have made its mark not only in the healthcare, medical, hospitality and real estate management firms but also in the pet industry. The unique and innovative formula takes care of the odour and helps remove the stubborn stains that leave the surface dull and unappealing.
Urine Off and its products have a unique formula because unlike a disinfectant or soap, it gets rid of the stubborn stains. The pungent smell of urine is caused due to the presence of uric crystals. Uric crystals do not dissolve easily and leave the odour. The urine off formula attack the uric crystals and dissolve them removing the smell and the stains.
Urine Off products are highly appreciated and are a must for families with small pups or with adult dogs who are prone to incontinence.