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A lot of pet parents have pets that are of different size and height and for this reason having adjustable feeding bowls is a good idea. Just as the name suggests, these stands are for you to adjust the height of the bowl so that your dog eats with ease. Most of these models come allow the adjustment of two bowls at a time. Thus, you can cater to the needs of two dogs at once. Also, if you have just one dog, you can use one bowl for food and the other for water.

You can buy this adjustable bowl stands when your dog is just a puppy and keep adjusting the height as he grows. This is especially important for large breeds because they grow alarmingly and once they reach a certain height, having to bend over for a long time to eat can give them neck problems. Avoid such hazards by investing in these stands.

These stands come with many different properties such as anti-rattle. The bowls will stay fixed to the stands and will not move or rattle as your dog eats. Thus, your dog can eat his food with utmost ease. Because these stands allow better posture, your dog will be able to eat better. Digestion will also be aided. Thus, these are a smart investment.

Here are some of the top brands that sell adjustable dog stands:

Durapet: Durapet sells the Durapet Adjustable Stand with Two Bowls in various different sizes. The base is extremely heavy and provides a lot of stability. Also, the stand comes with two stainless steel dishes from Durapet. You can adjust the stand from four inches off the ground to fifteen inches off the ground. The stand also has a lock system that will lock the bowls in place so that they dont move or startle your dog as he eats. They are scratch resistant.

Super Dog : Super Dog sells the Adjustable Dog Bowl Set in small, medium, and large sizes. These are very easy to clean thanks to the pure stainless steel. They have a lock system to fix the bowls in place. These stands allow two bowls at a time. You can easily adjust the height of the dish based on your convenience.

Dogspot: Dogspot sells the very durable Dog Bowl Set with Collapsible Stand. The bowls are made out of steel and are very easy to clean. You can adjust the height of the bowls with utmost ease. When you need to fill the bowls or clean them, you simply have to remove them and then adjust them back when you are done